A Pain in the Ass

Oh this past summer was going to be the one! Yep – I had the grandest of plans. Yoga three times a week. Get back to running and finally complete the half marathon training that I ditched in the spring. Meditate- Every. Single. Morning.

I could already hear what my friends would say come September “My gosh Lori – you look amazing! You have an ethereal quality about you…. downright angelic!” And I’d just smile coyly and reply “Geez it must be all the fresh air. Maybe the quality time spent with my three loving children and ultra-romantic husband. I guess it might be that …oh and perhaps the homemade gourmet food I whipped up.” [insert self-deprecating laugh here]

And it really did start off with a bang – 3 yoga classes and two runs the first week of July. Booyah! Week two we were heading to a friends cottage for a relaxing vacation. After about an hour of driving – I felt a slight twinge in my left butt cheek. Kind of like a pulled muscle. “My bum hurts” I said to the kids and my 7-year-old erupted with laughter. I smiled at him in the rearview mirror and kept driving – confident in the knowledge that the pain would soon disappear.

However, when I hopped out of the van a couple of hours later, the pain was even more intense. In fact, I could barely put any pressure on my left leg. It felt like an electric shock was racing from my butt cheek down to my left knee with every step. “I must have done something at yoga. Damn downward dog!” I muttered to myself, as I hauled armloads of stuff into the cottage.

The first few days were excruciating. I was convinced that I’d pulled a muscle, so I stretched it out and went for a walk each day to try to get it to release. Sleeping was impossible. The only position I could get comfortable in was with my left ankle crossed over my right knee. More than one night I left the bed and went to sit on a chair in the living room with my legs criss crossed and my eyelids drooping as I thumbed through an old issue of People magazine (I may have shed a few tears over the unrelenting intensity of my pain….and the still shocking breakup of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. They just seemed so perfect for each other!)

I emailed my massage therapist from the cottage. “I know rubbing my ass probably isn’t high up on your summer wish list. But I need you” I pleaded. She replied with an LOL and promised to fit me in as soon as we got home. “Her magic hands will do the trick” I smugly thought to myself.

It wasn’t until week later, as I lay face down on her massage table, that I got an inkling that perhaps this wasn’t going to be a such quick fix. “This seems like sciatica,” she said. “Don’t expect to hop off the table feeling all better. This is going to take a while to heal.” What?! I had to tamp down the urge to reach back and smack her. Never mind, I thought to myself. I’ll just do my own research as soon as I get home.

Turns out she was bang on. Over next three months- I repeatedly consulted my doctor, my massage therapist, an acupuncturist, an osteopath,  and a chiropractor. Sciatica was the official diagnosis but turns out – there was no easy fix to alleviate my discomfort. So I took pain killers, plied my back, butt and leg with ice, heat and healing lotions, and contorted my body into a variety of stretches. And still the pain persisted.

Eventually, I even did a session with an intuitive to find out if an old buried childhood issue was causing the pain. Hey – I was desperate! She leaned over me intently and put her hands on my sore bum. “This pain is coming from your feminine side,” she said. “There is a female in your life that is literally giving you a major pain in the butt.” “Aha” I thought. “This is gonna be good!” I waited anxiously for her to blurt out the name of the offending female. Oh boy – that woman was in for an earful! But after the hour session – it turned out that the pain in my butt was me. ME. According to the intuitive, I am my own pain in the butt. Ugh.

Needless to say, I did not emit an ethereal glow. Rather I wore a somewhat pained expression and limped through each day with  grim determination. Sleeping continued to be a real challenge so I was tired. A lot. I was grumpy -a lot. My husband and kids were sick of hearing about it (and frankly I was sick of talking about it) – so I just pushed through and carried on the best I could.

To top things off, because I could barely walk or even bend over for that matter – exercise was virtually impossible. I was limited to floating in the pool or taking painfully slow walks around the neighbourhood. And no exercise plus an inordinate amount of time sitting on my ass meant that soon my pants all started to feel tight. Sigh. (Bless you jogging pants and your delightful expanding waistline).

I really started to believe that the pain was never going to go away and vacillated between crying, raging and trying to maintain a sense of humour about it. I told my husband that if it got to the point where he had to start wiping my ass – he might as well just shoot me.

BUT. But. Butt.

As I write this, the pain has finally, blessedly subsided significantly. I can feel a dull ache in my leg but the sharpness has disappeared. I feel hopeful for the first time in three, long, agonizing months. I also feel a deep compassion and greater understanding for people who live with chronic pain. The pain in my bum and leg made me feel crazy and there were times I think I would have tried anything to find just a moment’s relief. (That’s probably why I found myself googling “medicinal marijuana” at 3am on a particularly tough night).

I wish I could say that the pain transformed me into a brighter, shinier and wiser version of myself. But truth be told – the past 3 months were often a brutal slog of simply trying to stay afloat as a human being. And right now, I am so overwhelmed with relief that I haven’t had time to truly process the lessons this experience has taught me.

All I know is that today I touched my toes – and that is huge.








The Amazing Healing Properties of Turmeric

I had no idea until about a year ago that a spice that often sat unused in my cupboard could be so incredibly powerful. I happened to be attending a health seminar in the spring- ironically the day after my son sprained his wrist when he rode his scooter off of a homemade jump on our driveway and landed painfully on his arm (totally normal 12-year-old behavior right?!). After listening to the teacher speak about the multitude of healing properties of turmeric, I rushed home and made a turmeric poultice for my son’s wrist. Yes his arm turned bright yellow but his wrist healed remarkably quickly and the pain and swelling decreased very rapidly.

turmeric 1

After seeing how quickly my son’s injury healed, I began to do more research into the health benefits of turmeric. And I soon found out that it has been used for centuries to cure and treat an astounding number of health issues. Turmeric can be used:

– for liver detoxification (and lord knows I need this one given my love of red wine ; )

– as a natural pain-killer

– to combat depression by naturally lifting your mood (winter blahs anyone?)

– for its potent antiseptic and antibacterial properties (can kill yeasts and parasites internally)

– to reduce inflammation (sore muscles, headaches, arthritis… and even sprained wrists)

– as a powerful antioxidant

– to eliminate the cancer causing effects of BBQ smoke and cooking smoke (it has also been studied as an antimutagenic that potentially helps prevent new cancers that are caused by chemotherapy or radiation used to treat existing cancers)

– to keep the brain in tip-top shape and to ward off Alzheimer’s disease

– to accelerate wound healing and repair damaged skin

– to soothe an upset stomach

– as a natural immunity booster and preventative of flu bugs

(Sources: Josh Gitalis, Meghan Telpner, Wellness Mama, Web MD)

Very impressive! But how do you use the stuff? And better yet – how do you get the kids to take it? On a recent trip to a local organic market, I purchased turmeric in 3 forms: whole turmeric root (the kids asked if this was a bag of turds), turmeric powder and turmeric capsules. Here are some of the ways that I use it:

– I put a 1-inch chunk of the root or 1 tsp (or more) of the powder into our green smoothies every morning

turmeric root

– I sprinkle turmeric powder over top of our fresh juice

– I use turmeric powder in soups, curries and stews for power-packed flavour

turmeric powder

– I sprinkle turmeric powder over foods grilled on the barbecue to combat carcinogenic smoke residue

– I make this amazing Turmeric Tea recipe by Meghan Telpner (especially great to warm the body on these cold winter days)

– I take turmeric capsules to combat headaches and muscle soreness

turmeric caps

– I mix 1 tsp turmeric powder with a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil and use it as a topical poultice on sore muscles, bruises and injuries

I encourage you to try adding some potent turmeric to your diet to see for yourself its incredible healing powers! A couple of things to keep in mind: because all brands aren’t created equally, make sure you purchase only good quality turmeric AND remember to consult with your doctor or naturopath before taking any new herbs or supplements. And if you are using it externally on yourself or your kiddies – be aware that it will leave a yellow residue on the skin for a couple of days.

How do you use turmeric? Do you find it effective? I’d love to hear from you!