The Real Truth About Parenthood

I have learned so about myself much from becoming a parent. I’ve learned that I can be very patient until my 3-year-old starts swearing like a truck driver and then I completely lose my marbles. I’ve learned to be less self-involved and less concerned with my appearance- likely shortly after my daughter asked me why my boobs were so floppy and saggy. And I’ve learned that all of the years I considered myself fairly socially adept can be erased in a second when your pre-teen says you are “just so uncool!”

Of course there are tons of amazing and wonderful things about having children -but sometimes we can find more connection and understanding in our mess-ups and our common struggles. And maybe the very best thing we can do to support each other as parents and non-parents alike is just to share a good laugh.

I love comedian Michael McIntyre’s routine called “People With No Kids Don’t Know”. Check out this link or click on the video below to get some insight into the truth about parenthood.

2 thoughts on “The Real Truth About Parenthood

  1. Haha – that was great! I happen to be one of those “without children” people. I grew up in a family with 6 kiddos, and I know that life for my husband and me is so much different than life was for my parents. More power to you for being a mom Lori! 🙂

    1. Wow – 6 kids! That’s impressive! Kudos to your mom and dad! I sometimes wonder how life would be different with no children. Of course I wouldn’t have life any other way but it would be interesting to have more time to focus on myself, my career, my needs…..I’ll have to live vicariously through you : )

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