A Day In Silence

"Mom, there is no way you can stay quiet for an entire day!" - my 13-year-old daughter  I like to talk. And day-to-day my life is full of words. Not only do I love chit-chatting, but I also use my voice to make a living as a narrator and voice over actress. So when I found … Continue reading A Day In Silence

The Right Way to Meditate

Martha is easily one of my favourite people in the meditation class. She turned to me midway through the second session and whispered "I have no idea what the hell is going on here." - and I knew instantly we'd be kindred spirits. She's brash, outspoken, quick to laugh and definitely the most skeptical person in … Continue reading The Right Way to Meditate

Mexican Quinoa Salad with Bonus Wrap *(Re-Blog From Aug. 2014)

It’s not easy when a member of your family announces that they are radically changing the way they eat. I was in my mid-30’s when I embarked on a plant-based diet and this threw a real curveball at my meat-and-potato loving parents. Although I had long since moved away from home and started my own family – … Continue reading Mexican Quinoa Salad with Bonus Wrap *(Re-Blog From Aug. 2014)