Mexican Quinoa Salad (with Bonus Wrap)

It's not easy when a member of your family announces that they are radically changing the way they eat. I was in my mid-30's when I embarked on a plant-based diet and this threw a real curveball at my meat-and-potato loving parents. Although I had long since moved away from home and started my own family - … Continue reading Mexican Quinoa Salad (with Bonus Wrap)

The Musical Fruit….In a Chip!

You often hear people say that they either crave salty or sweet foods - "I'm a total chocolate person" or "I don't care much for desserts - I'm more of  a chips and dip person" or "Give me a bag of candy any day over a plate of nachos!" Well - truth be told- I'm both. … Continue reading The Musical Fruit….In a Chip!