Healthy Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Although it's not officially winter yet, the temperatures here in south-western Ontario are mighty chilly! I am still cranking out Green Smoothies every morning but to be honest- a cold drink just doesn't cut it when the thermometer reads -10 C. Yes I could race to my favourite coffee joint to warm myself up but … Continue reading Healthy Holiday Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Potent Superfood Add-Ins For Your Smoothie

Green smoothies are a staple in my house and you can hear the whir of the Vitamix¬†coming from the kitchen pretty much every single morning. And although at least one of the kids will inevitably complain bitterly, we all chug down our green goodness to kick-start the day. The greens, veggies and fruits are the … Continue reading Potent Superfood Add-Ins For Your Smoothie