Love, Gratitude, Guest Posting and Granola

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I hope your day is filled with  homemade Valentine’s cards, tons of hugs and kisses, dozens of roses, lots of chocolate and perhaps even some champagne to celebrate this day of love.

As a special Valentine’s treat for me – my very good friends over at the Parenting Network invited me to do a guest post for their blog and they have put it up today. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity to combine two of my passions – family and food. Thank you Beverley and Doone!

You can read my guest post  here to find out how I use their principle of LRC (Love, Respect, Confidence) around meal times at my house and also get my yummy recipe for Vanilla Cinnamon Granola. You might also want to check out some of the courses offered by the Parenting Network – their live classes for those who live in the Toronto area and teleseminars and audio learning series for those farther afield.

Happy Valentine’s and here’s wishing you and your family lots of love today!

One thought on “Love, Gratitude, Guest Posting and Granola

  1. Lori,
    Great article. You are a great writer and observer of our family.
    Thanks for doing a fantastic job at keeping us all healthy and relatively sane.
    Love ya,

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