UnDiet with Meghan Telpner

Please forgive the extra post this week but today is an exciting day! One of my personal mentors and a truly remarkable woman has written an inspired book and it has finally hit the stores. I am talking about none other than nutritionista Meghan Telpner (more about her here). Her philosophy has inspired so much of the way I eat and how I live.  She has this unique way of presenting nutrition and healthy living in a way that makes it fun, approachable and not at all intimidating.


What’s also special about Meghan is that she won’t ever preach one kind of eating. She’s not pro-vegan, or pro-meat, or anti this or that. She just really wants people to pay attention to their food, skip the processed stuff and learn how to best discern what our own bodies need. Meghan teaches us to be our own best health experts and that kind of empowerment is priceless.

Meghan’s new book, UnDiet captures everything you need to know to live a vibrant life into one must-have entertaining read. Over the years, I’ve has the pleasure of taking 5 courses taught by Meghan and have learned so much about nutrition and healthy living from the time spent in her kitchen. I feel like the UnDiet lifestyle helps me live to my fullest potential and that’s been a true gift.

UnDiet starts by Meghan telling her own story- of how she healed from an inflammatory autoimmune disease that her doctors told her was incurable. And then she breaks it down- why calories down’t count, how to eat real food, optimize time in the kitchen and how to kick cravings. As this isn’t just a food thing, she also brings in a group of experts to help back up her chapters on lower impact living, natural beauty care and the final chapter, all about the little lifestyle changes we can make that have big and wonderful results. The book also includes a full 7-day meal plan, over 40 plant-based and gluten-free recipes, along with an 8 week transition program.

UnDiet is on sale today and when you buy the book, she’s also giving away presents (more on those here).  And if you’re curious about this book, you can get instant access to your Sneak Peek and even give UnDiet living a try with her complimentary UnDiet Test Drive(which she has kindly given my readers advance access to).

I encourage you to head over to MeghanTelpner.com and get to know her and check out the details of her book UnDiet. I’m thinking you might just love her as much as I do!

3 thoughts on “UnDiet with Meghan Telpner

  1. Lori, my husband heard Meghan interviewed on the radio last week and went straight to the book store and bought her book. He’s plowing through it and is FINALLY willing to change some of his bad habits… many of which I’ve nagged about for years! 🙂

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