Are Mobile Devices Hazardous To Our Health?

My family is in love with Apple. And not in a “fresh-picked-off-the-tree-red-and-juicy” kind of way – I’m talking about our iPhones, iTouches and the iPad. They are just so freakin’ cool! The functionality, pictures, emails, texts, apps, games, movies…..we adore it all. And although I am fully on board the Apple train, I have often wondered about the potentially harmful effects of the radiation that our phones and computers emit.

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I’ve already shared my affection for nutritionista Meghan Telpner and her awesome new book “UnDiet” but I have also had the distinct pleasure of taking a class taught by her equally brilliant husband Josh Gitalis. Josh is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, a Clinical Nutrition teacher and the owner of his own practice in Toronto, Ontario focusing on “evidence-based clinical nutrition and integrative healthcare.

A recent blog post from Josh’s site called “The Dangers of Mobile Phones and How to Protect Yourself” really caught my eye and there was so much good information in his piece that I felt compelled to share. After attending a conference with Dr. Devra Lee Davis, he saw the latest research on cell phones and learned that there is “increasing brain tumour incidence in countries with longer term use of mobile phones, decrease in the size of the brain, damage to DNA, increasing Parotid/Salivary Gland tumors and increased dopamine in the brain with cell phone use which points to the possibility that mobile phones can become addictive.”

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Now don’t panic- if you are a mobile phone fan like myself you won’t have to give up your beloved device. Although Josh discusses new scientific research about the dangers of “electromagnetic frequencies – EMF’s“, he offers up lots of viable ways to protect yourself and your family without chucking your phone or computer in the trash.

I’ve copied some of the most compelling information below and I encourage you to check out the entire article and a video on Josh’s site at

From Josh Gitalis’s article The Dangers of Mobile Phones and How To Protect Yourself:

About 5 years ago I was introduced to the possibility that mobile phones, portable phones, WiFi, and most electrical devices emit a non-ionizing radiation that could be harmful. At the time I was not presented with solid research and thus did not pass this information on to my family, clients, and students. The research however is now solid, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, these devices should be used with caution.

Proven effects of mobile phones on humans

  • The amount of sperm, and the motility, morphology and morbidity are all reduced
  • In the saliva there are increased micronuclei, as well as DNA damage, and reduced amylase, albumin, and salivary flow
  • Increased frequency of tinnitus (or ringing) within the dominant ear
  • Alterations to nerve conduction velocity

Fact: If the effects of cell phones were studied in the pocket (on body), cell phones would be illegal.

Proven effects of mobile phones on animals

  • Weakened blood-brain barrier
  • Increase in reactive oxygen species, chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen
  • Altered calcium transport
  • Prenatally-induced damage to DNA repair mechanisms, reduction in differentiation of neural stem cells into neurons, and damage to the  hippocampus and cerebellum

Who is leading the world in mobile phone awareness?

The French Government has:

  • Banned advertising directed at children under age 12
  • Banned the design of phones to be used by those under 6
  • Mandated that all handsets must indicate the amount of radiation emitted
  • In the city of Lyon, launched an official advertising campaign to discourage the use of mobile phones by children

Why don’t we know about this?

The industry has a $250 million fund to discredit the IARC, often using unsuspecting professionals as “experts”.

How can you protect your family?

  • Turn off transmission (on an iPhone it’s called “airplane mode”)
  • Use the speakerphone option
  • Use earpieces (avoid using a blue-tooth)
  • Use a PONG case for your phone and iPad (Full disclosure: I have no financial ties to this company)
  • Avoid keeping the phone on your body or in a pocket
  • Avoid using your phone in areas with weak signals
  • Protect abdomens: especially for those who are pregnant, adolescent, and men wishing to become fathers
  • Do not text while driving/biking/moving (switching between antennas while in use increases EMF exposure)

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Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, devices follow the same doctrine put forth by the judicial system; innocent until proven guilty. Consequently, a huge trial is taking place and many people won’t realize they are a part of it until it is too late.

The evidence to date clearly shows the risks associated with EMFs, and it is thus essential to protect yourself, your loved ones, and especially your kids.

3 thoughts on “Are Mobile Devices Hazardous To Our Health?

  1. Technology is the hardest piece in the green&detox cake, innit?
    Materials, radiation, production issues (sweat shops, enviromental issues)…

    Thank you for the write-up! Will check out the Pong thing, too.

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