10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As we head into Mother’s Day weekend, I thought this would be a good time to share some of my favourite things as inspiration for those of you looking to pamper yourself or someone you love. These are my go-to products, special indulgences and ideal gifts. My sister and I will be treating our mom to a gift certificate at one of the best stores on the planet – Joelle’s here in Burlington, Ontario – but just in case you don’t live in the area, here are a few other suggestions:

1. Prosecco – my husband and I had the pleasure of travelling to Italy in 2012. There are many things I took away from that trip and one thing that really stuck was a love of Prosecco. I’ve seriously got my entire family drinking this wonderfully bubbly stuff and most Friday nights you’ll find us cracking a chilled bottle, ordering in some takeout and trying to have a conversation while 6 children and 2 dogs run around us laughing, screaming and barking. Yes it’s chaos but the Prosecco takes me right back to a café in Florence. Ahhhh….

mothers day - prosecco 2

2. Dr. Bronner’s Rose Bar SoapDr. Bronner’s is the gold standard in organic body care and I absolutely love this gentle and lightly scented bar. It comes in a wide range of fragrances but the rose is my favourite.

mothers day - soap

3. Shredded Rubber Pillow – a good pillow is hard to come by and far too often commercially made pillows are full of synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals (ahem…dad- off-gassing a pillow outdoors for 72 hours…yeesh!) My husband and I swear by these comfie organic shredded rubber pillows. I ordered ours online from Grassroots Store in Toronto.

mothers day - pillow

4. Pacifica Lilac Solid Perfume -just because I wear all-natural deodorant and steer clear of synthetic perfumes doesn’t mean I don’t want to smell like a flower. Pacifica has a great line of solid and roll-on fragrances that are made with organic soy and coconut oil and contain natural essential oils. They come in a wide range of scents that aren’t overpowering or obnoxious and they also have a beautiful line of scented soy candles that I adore.

mothers day - perfume

5. Ortho Adapt Vegan – it may seem odd to include a supplement on my list but this is a fairly expensive but totally amazing product. Ortho Adapt is a high-quality adaptogenic formula that supports the body’s ability to respond to stress with balanced, proactive energy rather than alarm or exhaustion. Stress? What stress?

mothers day -ortho

6. Yoga Classes – I recently signed on for a 30-day yoga challenge and it has reminded me how important it is to take some quiet time on my mat. Yoga offers incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits and allows me to make time for my body and my mind. I am a big fan of Be Yoga but there are countless studios to choose from.

mothers day - yoga

7. Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg – originally published in 1955, this beautiful book written by an aviator, author and busy mother of 5, contains Anne Morrow Lindberg’s insights and reflections on life as she takes a brief solitary vacation by the sea. I learned so much about motherhood, marriage, contentment and solitude the first time I read this book that I try to reread it every year.

mothers da - gift from the sea

8. Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Goji Berry Mask – every single product that I have ever purchased from Pangea has been amazing so it was tough to narrow it down to just one but I gotta say this mask is pretty darn spectacular. It tones, moisturizes, exfoliates, deep-cleans, de-toxifies and reduces fine lines. Who could ask for anything more?

mothers day - mask 2

9. Victoria’s Secret Bra – I am a fairly busty girl and I need a decent bra to wrangle my girls into position. The Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage does the trick and it looks nice to boot! Ladies – I would recommend taking the time to get one of the lovely women at Victoria’s Secret to properly fit you for a bra on your next visit. You might be surprised how your boobs may have changed and/or shifted over the years and you might need a new size. And while you’re there -why not grab some matching panties to go with your new bra to make you feel beautiful under your clothes.

mothers day - bra

10. Family Photos– this year I am getting the best Mother’s Day gift of all – photos of my 3 beautiful children. We are fortunate to have a very special photographer here in Burlington who takes the most stunning family pictures I have ever seen. Amy Montgomery has done 2 photo shoots for our gang and with a smile on her face she undertakes the herculean task of wrangling 6 children (my 3 and my sister’s 3) into a variety of casual poses and then turns out a gallery of pics that literally takes my breath away. This is a gift that I will enjoy for years. Check out one of the shots of my 2 boys below to see a small sample of her work-

cal and kaden

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms and special wishes to my own mom who is beautiful, strong, supportive and the #1 commenter on my blog!

And thank you to my friend Jen who sent me this short video highlighting what women REALLY want on Mother’s Day. Guys – take notes:

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  1. Lovely Mother’s Day gift ideas, Lori! I’m really looking forward to my gift. A shopping spree always is good for the soul. I must give Victoria Secret another try with a good sales lady to help me. Love, Mom

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