Voiceover Canada Guest Post!

My agent and dear friend Roger King kindly agreed to let me guest post on his blog Voiceover Canada. Roger is the owner and head agent at PN Agency based in Toronto, Ontario- North America’s #1 source for non-union talent. I have had the pleasure of working with Roger for over 5 years and he is a first-class agent who has booked me on a ton of interesting voice over gigs.

roger king 3

Check out the post to get recipes for my favourite pre-recording snack and beverage. Even if you aren’t a voice actor, they are great for tossing in your briefcase, purse or travel bag on hectic days, work trips or long shifts at the office. They are healthy, tasty, satisfying and as an added bonus – your vocal chords will be loose and relaxed!

Thanks Roger!

Click here to read “Recipes for Recording”.

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