Reflections on 15 Years

My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary today. I can hardly believe it’s been 15 years since a wide-eyed young couple walked down the aisle and began a life together that would include world travel, job changes, more than a few late-night parties, relocations, renovations, a dietary overhaul, some blow-out fights, lots of laughs, 3 beautiful children and a deep lasting love and friendship.


Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from our close friends (who are also celebrating 15 years of wedded bliss), we decided to mark this milestone year with a trip to a spa in Grafton, Ontario called St. Anne’s. For 2 busy couples with 3 children apiece, this was a rare opportunity to focus on ourselves, relax and enjoy some much-needed pampering. And a few days away from the often hectic pace of our everyday lives gave us all some perspective on the things that really matter.

So in honour of the past 15 years, here are a few important insights that I took away from our anniversary spa getaway:

1. Sometimes just sitting together, holding hands and saying nothing at all can be as powerful as a deep conversation.

2. It’s important to treasure close friends. The time we spent laughing, talking, swimming, relaxing, playing euchre, drinking wine and eating gourmet food together was more potent for stress relief than months of therapy.

3. It’s healthy to talk about things other than the kids every once in a while. Oh yah – we had a life before those little rug rats came along!

4. A spa treatment involving disrobing and being sprayed down with a scotch hose will wind up being the butt of endless jokes ; )

5. Being pampered and focusing on ourselves isn’t a selfish act – it actually makes us better parents, partners and friends.

6. It’s super liberating to walk around all day in a bathrobe with no makeup on and a pound of massage oil in your hair.

5. The world won’t come to an end and my children won’t be heartsick if I leave them in the capable hands of their grandparents for a few days. In fact, they barely noticed I was gone.

6. Even after 15 years, I still marvel at my husband’s wacky sense of humour, his easy-going nature, his enduring patience and his unwavering kindness. Plus he looks pretty hot in a bathrobe!

And the biggest lesson of all? Perspective. Life is still busy, hectic and often uncontrollable- but I can reflect back on the peace I felt during those few days away, take a couple of deep breaths and bring that calmness into any situation that is thrown my way. It also helps if I’m wearing my robe.

Happy Anniversary Mark! I love you!

10 thoughts on “Reflections on 15 Years

  1. That was a great couple of days of pampering and I’m happy we had the chance to do it. You are a great partner and you always look hot…even in a bathrobe.
    Love you,

  2. Happy anniversary! We can’t believe it’s fifteen years already. That passed by in a blink. Cheers to you both and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness.
    Dana and Darren

  3. That’s lovely, Lori. Happy Anniversary!!

    Having the kids was a special treat for us too.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Happy anniversary Lori! I love to hear stories of people who have found their soul mate and are happily married. I’m happily married too (for me, the second time around was a charm). I’ll be celebrating my 5th anniversary in a couple of weeks. Celeste 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary! So this probably isn’t the venue to say i’ve been seeking major emotional counselling for the whole fire hose violation incident! Loves J&C

  6. putting things in perspective is so powerful. I loved this post…made me reflect on a whole bunch of things while away with the family. Thank you for this Lori!

    1. Glad you liked it! How many years for you and Graham now? I highly recommend St. Anne’s if you would like some wonderful couple’s time. Heck – Mark and I will join you ; )

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