Chicken, Lollipops and Charlie Bucket

In place of a personal blog post, I thought I’d share links to 3 things I’ve found online that have made me think, reflect and learn over the past week.  I discovered 2 of these thanks to Twitter and the other blog post I’ve had favourited on my computer since Easter and I’ve just been waiting for the perfect time to share it.

First up is a brilliant and fairly disturbing piece by NY Times columnist and author Mark Bittman titled “Should You Eat Chicken?” In the wake of yet another salmonella outbreak in the States, Mark outlines the reality of poultry production and consumption. Check it out here – it’s definitely worth a read!

Second is a YouTube video of Drew Dudley’s Toronto TedX talk on “Leading With Lollipops“. It’s less than 7 minutes long but I literally can’t stop thinking about his message on how everyday actions can change the world. (email subscribers you may need to go to my site at to view the video).

And finally a wonderful post from a fantastic blogger at Red, Round and Green called “Monday Menus: Charlie Bucket and The Easter Baskets“. In this blog post, she is talking about treats in relation to Easter candy but I thought this was a good one to reread and share as Halloween fast approaches and our kids will soon be tucking in to gobs of sugary treats. In her article, she suggests that perhaps holidays are a good time to take a Bucket family approach to indulgence (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference for those of you who are confused). It’s fantastic! Read it here.

One thought on “Chicken, Lollipops and Charlie Bucket

  1. The chicken message is worrisome! I do like chicken but now I don’t know if I really want to chance eating it. Good for Costco for removing their roasted chickens.

    I loved Drew Dudley’s message! Isn’t it amazing how small things can make such powerful impacts.

    Have a great day Love, Mom

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