There I Said It

Well hello! It’s been well over a year since I’ve written a single word on my blog.

I could site the usual excuses: Life is SO busy!, My three uber-successful and brilliantly-parented kids take up all my free time; I’m a super accomplished full-time writer now; I was tied up making homemade organic almond milk and fermented nut cheese; and my husband and I were busy planning romantic getaways to reaffirm our perfect love.

But I won’t bore you with the details. Sufficed to say, aside from the rigours of keeping myself afloat, the truth is that I simply got sick of my own writing.

I recently re-read the “About Me” page on my blog and seriously had to stifle a gag. My proudest accomplishment is getting my three kids to drink their green smoothies. Barf! How smug is this Lori Leigh Wilson character? And you people followed me…..what were you thinking?!

Ok, so if you’ll give me another chance then I’d like to start anew. Thanks to Jaclyn Desforge and her wonderful Nest & Story writing workshop, I feel reinvigorated and inspired – and I’ve decided that I want to use this space for truth telling, story sharing and vulnerability.

“I don’t even want to know someone who isn’t barely hanging on by a thread.” Amy Schumer, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

So let’s get this party started! Here’s the real authentic me as of today: First of all, I’ve totally lost my mojo for cooking. To be honest, my association with the “whole food” movement began to make me feel uncomfortable and preachy. And it probably works both ways since I’ve added frozen veggie meatballs and taco kits into my weekly meal rotation. 

My youngest child had a wicked bout of separation anxiety at back-to-school time that pretty much brought me to my knees. I think I might have cried more than he did and I’m pretty sure it took four years off my life.

My daughter is in full blown puberty which means mood swings from hell, and my oldest son frequently responds to my brilliant pearls of wisdom with the words “the cringe is real.” 

My husband and I mostly sleep separately because the 6-year-old stealthily inserts himself into our bed. And although I love my husband – I think we both secretly like the arrangement. I get to snuggle with my little buddy and he gets to watch Netflix on his phone without me badgering him to turn it off because it’s bad for his eyesight.

I deeply enjoy junky reality tv (Kardashians included). Most days I write in my pyjamas until I have to finally face the public when I pick up my kids from school. We have mice in our kitchen. I’ve turned worrying into an Olympic sport (I’m going for the gold!). My kids fight. My jeans are tight (perhaps because I’m eating Halloween candy by the fistful). My dogs bark a LOT….and the littlest one poops on the floor at least a couple of times every week just to keep me on my toes.

On a more somber note, there have been two shocking deaths in my family that have really shaken the ground beneath my feet. A vibrant adolescent boy was gone in an instant, and a loving and feisty grandmother took her last breath after a painful health struggle. Sometimes the brutal randomness of life makes me want to grab my family and hide in a cave know what I mean?

What about any good stuff you ask? Well, after my worry reached a scary peak, I signed up for a mediation class and I’m learning to breathe and find space between what happens and how I respond. It’s amazing and I’ll talk more about it in another post.

I’ve read some incredible books including Lindy West’s life-changing memoir Shrill and Glennon Doyle-Melton’s raw and brave biography Love Warrior.  I can honestly say that they fundamentally changed the way I look at myself, others and the world. I mean it – read those damn books!!

And I’ve been writing my butt off, actually pulling in a paycheque and contributing to our family finances in a meaningful way for the first time in many years. That feels good.

Phew! There I said it. And I’ll keep on saying it if you’ll be so kind as to indulge me. And I promise no more smug posts or crappy recipes – unless you want me to guide you through the process of thawing and heating some mouth-watering veggie meatballs…..: )

Thanks for your support and I’d love to hear from you. How are things going in your life? Feel free to comment below.

P.S. I am working on rejigging my site so please bear with me as I make some changes.


3 Stellar Suggestions Especially For The Ladies

As the summer holiday winds down here in Ontario, I’m going to take a little writing break to focus on really enjoying the last unscheduled days with the kids. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few things especially for the wonderful women in my life (don’t worry guys – you’ll enjoy them too):

Incredible Blog Post:

My name is Lori Wilson and I have no interior decorating skills. Like zero. Yes I live in a nice house in a lovely neighbourhood – but it’s furnished with more than a few pieces of mismatched furniture that my parent’s kindly gave us when they moved several years ago. Oh and there’s that black broken shutter on one of our front windows (damn hockey puck!)… and the series of framed pictures of my children and nieces and nephew dressed up in cheesy old-fashioned clothing proudly hung in the hallway (because they make me happy : ). And the list goes on and on. I have days that I’m ok with my “not-so-fancy-or-trendy-but-very-homey-and-lived-in” house and other days that I want to scrap everything for a complete makeover right this freakin’ instant. That is why I absolutely loved Momastery blogger Glennon Doyle Melton’s recent piece called “Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt”. Glennon is a brilliant writer (seriously- follow her blog!) and this piece is one of her best in my humble opinion. It made me nod my head, chuckle, shed a few tears and sincerely reconsider things. My “perspectacles” have been affixed and adjusted accordingly. A must read!

Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt

Inspiring  Video (plus bonus photos):

I grew up at a time when announcing that you were a “feminist” was a guaranteed conversation killer. I can remember feeling embarrassed by my  beliefs as a young woman – at a time when I should have been celebrating my passion for equality and social justice. I am so grateful that young feminists like Kat Lazo are brave enough to challenge the stereotypes around feminism and to proudly stand up to continue the fight for equal rights for everyone. I encourage you to watch her 10-minute TedX talkFeminism Isn’t Dead – it’s Gone Viralwith your daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers and girlfriends. It’s powerful.

*email subscribers – you’ll need to go to my site at http://www.lorileighwilson to get the link on the video to play.

As a bonus – you’ve also got to check out the brilliant revamped captions put on celebrity photos in a piece called “What Tabloid Headlines Would Look Like If They Didn’t Treat Women Like Sex Objects”  Here is a sample:

*to see all of the photos, click the link on the title or the photo


My Favourite Summer Read:

There is nothing like a great summer novel. For me, the best ones are always fast-paced, scandalous, funny, suspenseful and utterly decadent (kids – leave mom alone….I’ve just got to finish this chapter!) I have loved all of Lianne Moriarty’s novels but her latest “Big Little Lies” was far and away my favourite read this summer. It’s a wicked mystery with lots of twists and turns and also an honest and funny look at the often complicated relationships that can develop between women. Trust me – you’ll absolutely love it!

big little lies

So that’s for you ladies – a few of things to ponder and poke around at the end of August. I hope you like them as much as I did. Read, watch, listen and enjoy.