3 Stellar Suggestions Especially For The Ladies

As the summer holiday winds down here in Ontario, I’m going to take a little writing break to focus on really enjoying the last unscheduled days with the kids. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few things especially for the wonderful women in my life (don’t worry guys – you’ll enjoy them too):

Incredible Blog Post:

My name is Lori Wilson and I have no interior decorating skills. Like zero. Yes I live in a nice house in a lovely neighbourhood – but it’s furnished with more than a few pieces of mismatched furniture that my parent’s kindly gave us when they moved several years ago. Oh and there’s that black broken shutter on one of our front windows (damn hockey puck!)… and the series of framed pictures of my children and nieces and nephew dressed up in cheesy old-fashioned clothing proudly hung in the hallway (because they make me happy : ). And the list goes on and on. I have days that I’m ok with my “not-so-fancy-or-trendy-but-very-homey-and-lived-in” house and other days that I want to scrap everything for a complete makeover right this freakin’ instant. That is why I absolutely loved Momastery blogger Glennon Doyle Melton’s recent piece called “Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt”. Glennon is a brilliant writer (seriously- follow her blog!) and this piece is one of her best in my humble opinion. It made me nod my head, chuckle, shed a few tears and sincerely reconsider things. My “perspectacles” have been affixed and adjusted accordingly. A must read!

Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt

Inspiring  Video (plus bonus photos):

I grew up at a time when announcing that you were a “feminist” was a guaranteed conversation killer. I can remember feeling embarrassed by my  beliefs as a young woman – at a time when I should have been celebrating my passion for equality and social justice. I am so grateful that young feminists like Kat Lazo are brave enough to challenge the stereotypes around feminism and to proudly stand up to continue the fight for equal rights for everyone. I encourage you to watch her 10-minute TedX talkFeminism Isn’t Dead – it’s Gone Viralwith your daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers and girlfriends. It’s powerful.

*email subscribers – you’ll need to go to my site at http://www.lorileighwilson to get the link on the video to play.

As a bonus – you’ve also got to check out the brilliant revamped captions put on celebrity photos in a piece called “What Tabloid Headlines Would Look Like If They Didn’t Treat Women Like Sex Objects”  Here is a sample:

*to see all of the photos, click the link on the title or the photo


My Favourite Summer Read:

There is nothing like a great summer novel. For me, the best ones are always fast-paced, scandalous, funny, suspenseful and utterly decadent (kids – leave mom alone….I’ve just got to finish this chapter!) I have loved all of Lianne Moriarty’s novels but her latest “Big Little Lies” was far and away my favourite read this summer. It’s a wicked mystery with lots of twists and turns and also an honest and funny look at the often complicated relationships that can develop between women. Trust me – you’ll absolutely love it!

big little lies

So that’s for you ladies – a few of things to ponder and poke around at the end of August. I hope you like them as much as I did. Read, watch, listen and enjoy.

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