Family Dance Parties and Inner Ninja

We like to dance at our house. My whole family (my mom, dad, sister and her fam included) have been known to throw some kick-butt parties where we push back the furniture and crank up the tunes. Our recent Gangham Style dance-off comes promptly to mind ; )

This is not to say that we are all good dancers. There are certainly varying degrees of talent – my dad who is fearless and not afraid to make a fool of himself, my mom who mostly prefers to watch and is more reserved, the kids who break it down and throw caution to the wind and the rest of us who saunter on and off the living room floor to attempt the running man, some throwback 80’s moves and the worm as the mood strikes us.

I always feel the most connected with my kids when we are having fun together. Laughing over a board game (you gotta try Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples Jr), going for a walk to Survivor beach or simply turning up the music and shaking our booties.

For some reason I’ve got a bit of the winter blahs this week so in an effort to shake it off I’m going to start the weekend with this awesome dance tune and have a laugh with my family. This video is kid-friendly and the song is a fan favourite in our house right now. So crank it up and throw down your best moves!

Have a great weekend!

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