The Benefect Story

I truly LOVE Benefect Disinfectant. Let me count the ways:

benefect 2

– I love it because it’s 100% natural, it’s made from essential oils and it works as effectively (if not better) than commercial chemical brands

– I love it because it smells great and I feel comfortable using it in my home around my 3 young children

– I love it because it’s a safe and effective product that kills the millions of germs that my family is exposed to every day (think bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, hockey bags, grimy hands, etc.)

– I love it because it has been embraced by so many forward thinking companies and individuals who want to safely eliminate germs without covering them up with toxic chemicals

– I love it because it was invented by my husband’s best buddy over 16 years ago

– I love it because it was developed out of a need for a safe non-toxic product to use around their immune-compromised son

You get the point – I love the stuff. And I know you will too. I am so proud my friends Sam, Jen, Liam, Chewie and especially Conor for being brave enough to share their journey with the world. Check out the video below to watch their moving story and to learn about the evolution of this amazing product.

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