9 Ideas for Holiday Entertainment

Perhaps during the days between the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the festivities of New Years, you may have some time to settle down with a good book or a classic movie or grab a glass of wine and peruse some of the incredibly talented writers and creative people on the internet. Or you might be inspired to start a new project or spend some time setting some goals or focusing on self-improvement.

If you do have some time to spare – here are a few books/movies/clips/articles that I’ve watched and read lately that made me laugh, made me cry and made me think. I also included a great project that I shared with my entire family this holiday that may inspire you to focus on the happiness in your life in 2014:

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1. Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple– quite simply the best novel I’ve read in a very long time. I could not put it down and I mean that literally- I read the whole thing in one day! Wow. Just wow. (Burlington buddies – Mark is just about finished reading it if anyone wants to borrow my copy : )


2. Jaclyn Desforges – I love Jaclyn’s wellness blog because she always seems to post an article or plant-based recipe at just the perfect time when I need something new to create in the kitchen or a different perspective on life. Recently she wrote a very thought-provoking article called “You Should Stop Setting Goals (Here’s Why)” that really resonated with me. Well worth the read!

3. This is My Excuse – mom-of-three Maria Kang faced a lot of backlash when she posted a picture of herself on Facebook with her perfect bikini body and the caption “What’s Your Excuse?”. Kudos to blogger Taryn Brumfitt for writing a kick-butt rebuttal that I think most women will be able to relate to: “Dear Maria Kang: This is My Excuse for Not Having a Body Like Yours“.


4. Collaboration between ZeFrank and Harry Shum“If You Are In A Shell“- my family loves ZeFrank videos (you gotta check out “True Facts About the Tarsier” for a good laugh!) but his recent collaboration with Glee cast member and brilliant dancer Harry Shum is a touching narrated performance piece on shyness. Anyone who has ever suffered from shyness or has a shy child should watch this beautiful video.

5. We’re The Millers– I will admit to having a slightly warped sense of humour…and this movie is definitely not for the faint-of heart. It’s rude, crass and sometimes downright uncomfortable. But it’s also freakin’ hilarious! My hubby and I laughed our butts off!

we're the millers

6. Educating Yorkshire: Musharaf Overcomes His Stutter-this video was all over Twitter so forgive me if you’ve already watched it but I was so moved by it I just had to share it with my readers too. Makes me cry every time.

7. Blackfish Documentary– I caught this doc when it aired on CNN in November and I simply cannot stop thinking about it. A expose of animal cruelty and the sometimes lethal danger to workers at SeaWorld – this film is required watching for anyone who is interested in the dark truth behind killer whale “performances”.

8. Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephen Merchant – thanks to my friend Conor for introducing me to this incredibly funny and family-friendly YouTube video. My whole gang bust a gut watching it….and it even inspired our own family lip sync battle this past November!

9. Happiness Jars– I got this idea from the talented author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) and I decided to make one for every member of my family for Christmas. Basically, you use any vessel (I chose mason jars) and each night before you go to bed you take a piece of paper and scribble down the happiest moment from your day- date it, fold it and pop it in your jar. Then if you are feeling blue or going through a tough time, you just pull out a reminder of your happiness. Simple. brilliant and powerful….and the kids can take part too!

happiness jar

I hope you find some time over the holidays to sit back and relax…..and maybe enjoy a little entertainment. May your final days of 2013 be filled with fun, reflection, family, friends, quiet, love and happiness!

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