3 Must Reads! Mommy Judgments, Bullying in Canada and Milk

Since my fingers are literally aching from all of the writing I’m doing lately (not to mention my mushy brain…..apparently I haven’t worked this hard in a very long time ; ), I decided to post links to 3 AMAZING articles that caught my attention recently. They are all brilliantly written and thought-provoking so check them out when you have a chance.

First up is a piece by Michelle over at So Wonderful, So Marvelous called “Moms, When Are You Going to Learn?”. This is a must-read for every mom/woman/person on the planet about how harshly we judge each other and ourselves.

My friend Alyson Schafer wrote the next piece for Parent Dish on “Bullying, Why Canada has a Serious Problem” and it’s likely not for the reasons you are thinking. Alyson postulates that it’s all about the distribution of power between adults and children and she is calling for a change in our thinking and in our relationships with kids from the top down. Powerful stuff!

And finally my favourite blogging doctor Yoni Freedoff’s piece for US News and World Report called “Please Stop Asking Your Children to Finish Their Milk” with some startling facts about the dairy industry.

Happy Reading!

7 thoughts on “3 Must Reads! Mommy Judgments, Bullying in Canada and Milk

  1. Alyson Schafer is speaking at my school on Wednesday evening! Her focus is “The 4 Cs every child needs to succeed”. She spoke to our Early Ed faculty just over a year ago. This time, our parents are invited. She’s super entertaining and her message is critically important for everyone.

    1. Oh I wish I could be there! Please say “hi” from me – she is amazing and has changed my life and my relationship with my kids profoundly. Makes me think I should try to get her to speak at my kid’s school…..

      1. Alyson is hilarious too, which is a must when you’ve got a crowd of exhausted teachers and parents to address. She is piggybacking on our curriculum night. No doubt, she will be a whole lot more fun to listen to than the rest of us! Thankfully, we speak to our parents first, so there will be no tough act to follow syndrome.

  2. Thanks for sharing the articles. I especially found the milk one interesting. I was impressed by the fact that he points out the facts without joining the “milk hater’ club and that makes his article resonate more with me.

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