The Vital Importance of Water

I first met Mario Di Franco a few years ago. Because my husband is in the non-toxic disinfectant/cleaner industry, they have done some work together and when I became curious about municipal water and started researching the safest and most effective home water systems my husband immediately suggested we set up a meeting to talk with Mario.

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He is an academic, a business owner and an absolute wealth of knowledge about water. Mario wrote his master’s thesis on carcinogens in water and this led to a career following his passion for providing healthy and safe water systems and air purifiers at his St. Catherine’s business called Purahome.


Have you ever really considered how much we use water every day? We shower with it, bathe in it, drink it, cook with it, wash our fruits and veggies with it, swim in it, brush our teeth with it, wash our hands in it and the list goes on and on. Water is vitally important for our health and wellbeing – our bodies are actually made up of over 50% water.

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Mario agreed to answer some of my questions about water and I’ve listed them below for you to have a look at. Be advised that some of his answers are sure to be controversial so it is important that you do your own research and decide for yourself what is best for you and your family.

And please note that I am in no way affiliated with Purahome and I didn’t receive any money or freebies for doing this article. I am simply a huge fan and I wanted to share some information with all of you (FYI – we do own an Aquaspace whole home water filter from Purahome and we have been thrilled with it.)

My interview with Mario Di Franco of Purahome: 

How do you know so much about water?
Mario: My university thesis was on the analysis of carcinogens in water. I wanted to do my thesis in analytical chemistry and environmental chemistry. Also, water was a curriculum topic in many of my chemistry courses. I have also learned about water-related topics from Michael Pedersen, founder of Western Water and the developer of many water treatment patents.

What do you think of the current state of municipal drinking water?
Mario: Municipal water is like a chemical soup. There are a broad range of chemicals in our water ranging from carcinogens, hormone disruptors and reproductive/developmental toxins. 
As well, distribution systems are in dire need of repair. The money required for repair is estimated in the hundreds of billions and is not available. In many municipalities, 40% of treated water does not make it into people’s homes. It escapes the distribution system so therefore environmental contaminants get into the system.

How do you feel about the fluoride debate?
Mario: Fluoride is more toxic than lead. It should not be added into our water. So why then is the maximum contaminant level for lead 10 ppb and fluoride 1,400 ppb? Unfortunately human health can get compromised when money is involved.  In Europe dental health has improved since the Seventies and 98% of Europe is fluoride-free.

What do you recommend for people when it comes to water in their homes? Why?
Mario: We recommend to people who are on municipal water to keep the minerals in and focus on reducing exposure to toxic contaminants. This leaves water alkaline and plenty of research exists that this is better for health than acidic water or water low in mineral content. This is why we exclusively recommend Aquaspace, a NASA based technology for municipal water purification. Whole home water purification reduces exposure to toxic contaminants for all water usage including bathing whereas a drinking system reduces exposure to contaminants in drinking and cooking water.
For those who have a well, we test a sample of water for several parameters, and then offer recommendations. There are different phases to well water treatment so it depends on what our customer wants. In most cases, a water softener is needed to protect the home appliances. If in the end, they want drinking water, we need to remove dissolved salts which makes the water acidic and low in minerals so we then remineralize  the water for an alkaline pH.

How expensive is it to install a water filtration system?
Mario: The beauty of Aquaspoace technology is that it can be put into many different vessels or containers. People can drink healthy water starting at $69 with a pour-through-carafe. Countertop systems start at $189, installed drinking systems start at $589 and whole home Aquaspace systems start at $1695. Whole home chlorine systems are less expensive as they do not remove broad spectrum organics, heavy metals, chloroform and other chlorine by-products, they are typically $389 installed.

Do you have specific recommendations for people living with different diseases like cancer?
Mario: Many diseases like cancer, arthritis and diabetes thrive in acidic environments. While it is critical to offer water free from toxic contaminants to help protect the immune system , it is also important to try and assist the body to eliminate acid waste. This is done with our most recently developed  technology using pure alkaline minerals that increase drinking water pH by about one hundred fold. This alkaline water helps to eliminate acidic waste from the body thereby improving one’s health.

How do you feel about Reverse Osmosis and how does it compare to Aquaspace?
Mario: Reverse osmosis is a good technology to remove dissolved salts from water. Well water is often high in dissolved salts so this is when a reverse osmosis system should be installed. City water does not have an abundance of salt so any installation on city water is a misapplication. Unfortunately, this is very prominent.
Reverse osmosis removes calcium and magnesium resulting in filtered water that is now acidic and void of beneficial minerals. As a result, we install a remineralizing cartridge to get the pH of filtered water back to an alkaline state. This is done with USA made cartridges (made by Aquaspace). Any remineralizing cartridge made in Asia that we have had tested has added either Aluminum or a heavy metal into the filtered water.
 Aquaspace filtration in turn, leaves in beneficial minerals by design and removes toxins efficiently. This means that Aquaspace filtered water is alkaline if the incoming water is alkaline. Reverse osmosis  water is acidic even if the incoming water is alkaline. Alkaline water as previously discussed has health benefits.

What else should we know about water?
Mario: Water is very special. Much of our time in the last while has been spent studying the structure of water. Water can exist in a chaotic or random state as well as a highly organized more energetic state that is healthier for people. Several Nobel prizes have been awarded to the study of structure in water. If one looks at a diseased human cell, it is observed that the surrounding water is chaotic. In turn, a healthy human cell is surrounded by highly organized water. Highly organized water molecules show up as beautiful 6 sided crystals upon freezing whereas unstructured water has non-geometric shapes upon freezing.  Many processes affect water structure negatively such as chemical and electromagnetic contamination. The great news is that water can be revitalized by using products made with minerals from the earth.

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To learn more about Purahome and Aquaspace please contact them directly via their website by following this link.

*Also a side note: I’m 15 days into my 21 day cleanse and water is vitally important in the cleansing process. I try to drink at least 8 big glasses a day to keep hydrated and to aid the release of toxins from my body.  In the morning I drink hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne to kick-start my day, in the afternoon I add 1/2 tsp of MSM crystals to my water and I stir a big tablespoon of psyllium into my pre-bed glass of water. I also love to add a drop of essential oil to my water to jazz it up – tangerine, peppermint and lavender are my favourites!

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